South African Sharks need your help.

Please follow this link and help us protect the South African Sharks.

Shark Advocates International

Please Support Sonja Fordham's Shark Advocates International.

mini documentary against shark fin soup

Kirk Keong Lee Hi all, I m Kirk from Malaysia, 2 months ago i went to a media n pitch them that there is Shark Finning at Mabul/Sipadan Island, they agree to follow me to the island n cover the story on this... Now that the mini documentary/interview is out,…Read More

Save South Africa's Sharks

PSA on Shark Fin Soup, Malaysia

Great PSA please watch and forward to all your contacts

Let the TRUTH be known.

Save Ningaloo Reef.

Please send an automated letter to oppose Shell drilling right next to the largest congregation area for whalesharks in the world and protect the Ningaloo Reef. Share as widely as you can. There is only time untill Monday morning! PLEASE SIGN HERE:…Read More
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