Costa Rica Photography Adventure

OK girls..... this will change your life... its an extention of "Project Pink" in a sense. I just returned form Costa Rica and it is magical! I have decided to offer a 5 day photography tour there.... to refresh and revive. We all at times need this…Read More

Fan page.... we will be giving away free items at random.... once you join

We need to also start a fan page to help insure we are communicating with all 945 cause members... apparently on face book these can not be connected so we need all 945 cause members to become fans.... to give you an incentive we are giving away really cool…Read More

Join our fan page.... we will be giving away free items at random picked out of a jar.... if you are that fan member number ... you are the lucky winner....

Join our fan page. We will be holding a drawing once a month and if you are that lucky person who joined then you will receive a gift. Have fun... tell your friends and family... We have some exciting news coming up very soon.... Thanks, Jenny

Show your support by donating!

Many of you have asked how you can help, or be involved with "Project Pink". This is how..... We just put a donation button on the site... Please donate anywhere from $5.00 to however much you feel you can... every little…Read More

Looking for volunteers with sales experience

We need volunteers to help gain corporate sponsors for next years event. Our budget .... we need to raise 6000. We can do it ! Let me know if you are interested.....thanks, Jenny

Guild no way!

I am so excited how this has grown we are only 100 plus memebers away from a guild!!!! Please send to all family and friends .... its such an important cause! Thanks, Jenny

video is up of event .... check it

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