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Update and in need of a big favor

I know I owe you all a very long update and I promise to update this week:) First I hope everyone is having a happy holiday:) So far, so good on our end. Right now we are in NYC waiting to be injected with the radioactive stuff for the MIBG scans. Tomorrow we start a couple days worth of a full panel of scans. Yes, scaniexty has set in and my stomach is in my throat and my heart is just so scared. Please pray with everything you have and pass it on to ever prayer circle that Treys scans come back clear and we can start 2012 good!! Thank you:)

I have a HUGE favor. We will be stuck in NYC for new years eve and want to go to times square ( why not right, make the most out of a crappy situation has always been our motto, right:) So, my favor is for anyone who knows someone that can get mike, trey and I prime seating for the day. And by prime seating I mean somewhere there is a bathroom and close enough to see the events. We don't need to meet any celebrities or anything, just want to have a good day:) So please any big wigs out there or people with connections, PLEASE let me know:) We don't mind crowds and I can handle Treys number 1 issues with a urinal, but number 2s may present a problem!! I know it's asking a lot, but figured it was worth a try. We would be forever grateful'!!!!

But most importantly are your prayers. Please God, I beg You for our miracle. I thank You every moment of everyday for what You have given us. I know ONLY You can fully heal my son and I put my full faith in You.

Faith, Hope and Trey Love-Missy


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