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Thank you:)))

Thank you so much for all of you who are trying to get us to times square. I figured I would just post the info bc we have had a lot of people ask. You can call mike or I. 484-636-8794, me, 484-636-8786 for mike. Trey will always be listed as terminal no matter what his scans show. Even if they are cancer free, he will still be considered terminal. There is NO KNOWN CURE for relapsed neuroblastoma. BUT, we do believe in miracles and we have faith that God can heal Trey, no matter what Treys diagnosis. We always try to live our lives positively. Thank you so much for helping us:)
Please continue to pray. We have completed the urinalysis, blood work, bone marrow studies and MIBG. Tomorrow we will have a MRI.
Please God continue to heal Trey. I beg You for a miracle.
Thanks again for all the help with times square.
Faith, Hope and Trey Love-Missy


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