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"Causes GIVING Challenge!!"

Help us raise $50,000 for the orphanage... JUST BY donating $10 and asking your friends to do the same!!!

first, join the NEW HFP [enrolled] cause here -->

(We could not use our existing profile for this Challenge, as it began today and everyone needs to be ensured an even playing field.)

Here's how it works:

Over the next 50 days (through Feb 1st), the enrolled organization with the highest number of UNIQUE (i.e. "different") donors will be awarded $50,000!!

There are also awards of $25,000 for 2nd & 3rd place and $10,000 for 4th & 5th place, as well as $1,000 each day for the highest number of unique donors in the previous 24-hour period!!

This is an AMAZING opportunity for the H&FP to receive MUCH-needed funds to finish the children's homes, as well as to finish clean-up from Hurricane Noel!

The MINIMUM DONATION (to be counted as a unique donor) is ONLY$10!!

PLEASE encourage your friends on facebook to join and contribute! I KNOW we can do this!!

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