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Hurricane Gustav Hits HARD!

[NOTE: Apologies in advance if you receive this message twice... this just means you are a member of both H&FP Causes on Facebook... so THANK YOU!]

Please pray for Haiti. Hurricane Gustav pounded the southern coast of Haiti Monday and Tuesday, and heavy rains continue today. Thank God all of our children and staff are safe. However we have had major damage to our property, even worse than when Noel hit last November. Two of our children's houses on the lower floor have 3-4 feet of water in them. Many of our perimeter walls have been destroyed. Larry, one of our new US staff, cannot get his truck out because it is covered in boulders. We are so thankful that Larry and Michelle are there caring for our kids. Please pray for them as they try to figure out how to begin the overwhelming cleanup process. Please also pray for our neighbors as most of them have lost quite a bit. One of our neighbors' tin roof flew off forcing the family to stay with a neighbor.
We know God is in control but we definitely need your prayers and support during this crazy time. The internet is down in Haiti right now, so we will send more updates to as soon as we have them. 

Please pray for this devastated island nation... and pray about possibly being a part of their recovery (whatever that may mean for you)! We ask that you prayerfully [2 Cor. 9:7] consider a donation to the Hurricane Gustav Relief Fund. If each person donated only $1, imagine the difference we could make!!

To donate online, please CHIP IN here:

To mail-in a contribution, please SEND here:

Gustav Relief
c/o Hands & Feet Project
PO Box 682105
Franklin, TN 37067

Thank you.

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