Thankless, or Thankful?

Thankless, or Thankful? How your decision can affect the world. Read Jonathan's latest blog post:

Video Update (November)

New GI VIDEO update from the mission field (NEPAL):

More than Enough

This Christmas season, is Jesus truly More than Enough? Read Jonathan's latest blog post:

Where Are We?

Looking for a charming "Christiany" thought about the New Year, or resolutions? Look somewhere else.... or brace yourself, and read Jonathan's latest blog post instead:

The Field

The most powerful ministry opportunities often occur in the least expected of places. Read Jonathan's latest blog post:

A Key to the Miraculous

What is a key to experiencing the miraculous? Read Jonathan's latest blog to find out:

Team Ukraine

Another Global Infusion team leaves for the mission field today - they will live in villages of Ukraine, reaching the forgotten #onHisradar This is the second team being sent to Ukraine this summer. Pray that the team will impact the lives of these…Read More
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