Presentation at Historic Fifth Street School - 2/2/2010 5:30-7:30pm

Hi. Thank you for your support of THE MISSION LAS VEGAS cause on Facebook. As we embark on 2010, things are ramping up here at THE MISSION LAS VEGAS and we will need your support now more than ever. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I will be…Read More

Please invite others to join THE MISSION LAS VEGAS

We are only 10 members away from 1,000 members! THE MISSION LAS VEGAS group is creating an online social network of people who believe in and care about the core values of THE MISSION. These are to nurture, cultivate, and promote ART, MUSIC, CULTURE,…Read More

Help recruit others to THE MISSION LAS VEGAS cause

THE MISSION LAS VEGAS is looking to nurture, cultivate, and promote art, music, culture, sustainability, community, and non-profit organizations in Las Vegas. You joined our cause because you believe in this mission, and you wanted to do your part to help…Read More


I need your support! We need to demonstrate to the naysayers out there that think that everything that should be built in Las Vegas has already been built. I need you to send cause invitations for THE MISSION LAS VEGAS to everyone and anyone you can think of…Read More

Raise Awareness of THE MISSION

Hi! Thank you for having joined my group, which is meant to promote and raise awareness of the project that I'm working on the Las Vegas. THE MISSION is NOT just a real estate development. Instead, THE MISSION is a brand that is looking to promote arts,…Read More
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