protect and save unborn babies-they deserve a chance at life too.

Abortion is the killing of an unborn child and a COMPLETE monstrosity. If you are pro-life, then you believe that human life has a value from the moment of conception-not from the moment of birth. The deliberate destruction of human life is ethically and morally wrong.

What did the baby do to deserve to be aborted? They are innocent, sinless, and in the middle of development. It's NOT fair to take their life for our own selfish "gain."

Things you may not know:

*1.3 MILLION babies are killed by abortion each year.
*Planned parenthood does NOT care about their clients.
*Babies can feel pain at an early age-which means that abortion actually DOES hurt them. They can feel pain like we feel pain.
*A newly conceived child is complete, has a gender, and is fully and uniquely programmed and equipped to grow and develop and change until death.
*Once a baby is conceived, it has JUST AS MUCH worth as you and I. It's not right to think that they don't matter until they are out of the womb. They do just as much developing in the womb than they do out of the womb. Perhaps even more so.
*Many people who are pro-choice completely change their stand on it after they see an abortion and become pro-life.
*Many women who have abortions are emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. They realize how wrong it was of them to abort their unborn child and wish they could take it back.
*Also, because most abortion doctors don't care about their patients, only the money they are getting, many women get infection, and some even DIE from having an abortion.

In clonclusion, abortion is MURDER and you are no better than a person who shoots people for no reason, or who stabs another.

1. From the moment of conception, a baby should have the same rights as we do-including the right to live.

2. Abortion is murder.