support humanity's expansion beyond Earth.

While I firmly believe in the importance of protecting the environment, it is a simple fact that Earth will not be able to support our species forever. The only way we'll ever be able to guarantee the survival of our species, and of the planet, is to begin the process of moving off-world.

Furthermore, there are many side benefits, such as reduction of damage to the environment as many heavy industries are move in to space, increasing scientific knowledge, and having a peaceful outlet for the primal human desire to explore and advance.

1. It is in the best interest of the human race to expand beyond Earth

2. A significant, widespread human presence in space is the only way to guarantee the survival of our species

3. Space development offers a way to considerably reduce the environmental impact of human activies, as many polluting industries (such as mining and energy production) can occur more cheaply and freely in space

4. Additionally, it will allow us to gain more knowledge of the universe around us

5. Simply put, the urge to explore our surroundings is a major component of the human condition, and space exploration allows us to cultivate it.