Women in England are not routinely offered Smear tests under the age of 25! (20 in Scotland, Ireland and Wales) Because of this young women are discovering too late that they have Cervical Cancer!

A Cause to raise awareness to everyone in the UK about the unwillingness of the UK Health Department to allow women aged 16-25, routine Smear Tests.
ANY sexually active female, whatever their age can be effected by Cervical Cancer!

1. To raise awareness that a Cervical Smear test is not available to you if you are 16-25 years of age!

2. To offer support to anyone concerned about their Gynae health or that of others

3. Somewhere where people are free to discuss their opinions and offer any advice they may have

4. To advise that Condoms DO NOT prevent you getting a HPV which can cause Cervical Cancer

5. I was 24 when diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 1994... Luckily Smear tests were available to under 25's then!