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3 things needed!!!

Hi All-

We've almost reached 4,000 members for our group- thank you all for joining. Please take time to read and act on the forwarded from Western Canada Wilderness Committee (Victoria office) below


With only 5 months to go before a BC election, we’re in a race against time in the fight for the last old-growth forests and forestry jobs on Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland. Premier Gordon Campbell, Forest Minister Pat Bell, and the BC Liberal government are currently figuring out what policies they will undertake to try to win over public support before the BC election.

If enough people know, care, speak up, and recruit others to do the same, only a foolish government will ignore their concerns - and face the consequences. Almost 3000 people showed up at our recent ancient forest rally in Victoria, see the Youtube clip at:

At the Wilderness Committee in Victoria, we’re working hard to expand the coastal forest movement in a big way, FAST – and we’re getting ready to dish out serious consequences if need be.

So we greatly need 3 things from YOU right now:


We have about 27,000 signatures so far (3700 online, 23,000 hardcopies) and we want 30,000 signatures by Dec. 15 to make a media splash before Christmas. Sign online if you haven’t yet. Get your friends, too. Most importantly, can you download a page the website and collect some signatures? We need 3,000 more! Return signed hardcopies (whether you have 1 or 1000 signatures) to us at WCWC, 651 Johnson St., Victoria, BC V8W 1M7

2. FUNDING – DONATE to, JOIN, and SHOP this Holiday Season at the Wilderness Committee’s Rainforest Store

We need your help to raise tens of thousands of dollars ($5000 alone for a new documentary video, as well as printing costs, ads, travel costs, room rentals, long distance calls, etc.) so we can wage an effective campaign.

You can DONATE or JOIN with your CREDIT CARD by calling 250-388-9292; by sending a CHEQUE payable to "WCWC" at 651 Johnson Street, Victoria BC, V8W 1M7; by coming in to our STORE in downtown Victoria at 651 Johnson St.; or ON-LINE through our website and click on the memberships/donations button on the left.

And do your HOLIDAY SHOPPING at the Wilderness Committee’s RAINFOREST STORE at 651 Johnson Street (between Douglas and Broad) in Victoria
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10 – 5; Friday 10 – 6; Saturdays 11 – 5; Sundays 11-5
Tel: 250-388-9292


3. LETTERS and PHONE CALLS needed NOW for our Ancient Forests and to Ban Raw Log Exports!

RIGHT NOW, we need to FLOOD the BC government and politicians with letters and phone calls specifically about Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland (ie. the southern coast). Every letter and call they get represents hundreds of people who feel the same.

Be sure to include your home address so they know you are real!

Let the politicians know whether or not you want them to:

- Enact concrete timelines to quickly end old-growth logging on Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland where old-growth forests are now scarce.
- Ensure the sustainable logging of second-growth forests, which now constitute most of the landbase on the south coast.
- Ban raw log exports.
- Assist in the development and retooling of sawmills for second-growth logs and value-added wood processing facilities.

Write and Phone:

Pat Bell, Minister of Forests and Range
[email protected]
Phone: 250-387-6240

Premier Gordon Campbell
[email protected]
Phone: 250-387-1715

Both at: Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

ALSO very importantly, your own BC Liberal or NDP Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) (ie. your provincial political representative for your area) who you can find at:


Join 70 000...

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