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Message forwarded from Western Canada Wilderness Committee

NEW VIDEO of rally (video posted on Save Cathedral Grove' site)

EXPAND the Movement for Old-Growth Forests and BC Jobs!

SPEAK UP and RECRUIT others to do the same!

On October 25, several thousand of you took part in just about the largest environmental protest in British Columbia’s history. 2700 people came out to the Wilderness Committee’s “Rally for Ancient Forests and BC Jobs” in Victoria, calling on the BC Liberal government to protect the remaining old-growth forests on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, ensure that second-growth forests are sustainably logged, and to ban raw log exports.

See a NEW VIDEO of the rally by Jeremy Sean Williams at:

See various media articles about the rally at:

Incidentally, there is another person who is saying the same things as us:

“If we’re going to have timber industries operating on public land then we should make sure that old growth forests aren’t destroyed but it’s that second growth are what are harvested.”

– Barack Obama, May 29, 2008 to the Flathead Beacon


While the BC Liberal government is now well aware of our campaign – we have the largest and most active movement in the province right now – they’re hoping that the giant rally was a one-shot deal. They’re hoping that the momentum will fizzle out before the BC election in May, 2009.

YOU can prove them wrong again! We need to expand this movement up to a fevered pitch only 6 months before the provincial election.

We need YOU to SPEAK UP and RECRUIT friends, family, co-workers, and classmates to do the same.

A million hectares of unprotected ancient forests are still endangered on BC’s southern coast, as are the jobs of thousands of BC’s forestry workers due to the BC Liberal government’s deregulation of the industry.

Don’t be fooled by BC Forest Minister Pat Bell’s sneaky spin-doctoring: Bell has been invoking conservation initiatives on BC’s northern coast (the Great Bear Rainforest) to justify his backwards policies on BC’s southern coast (Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland), which are different areas. In addition, he has been grossly over-inflating the amount of remaining old-growth forests by including marginal bog forests and high altitude snow forests - most of which can’t be profitably logged (the trees are too small).


1. WRITE and PHONE the BC Government and Politicians

RIGHT NOW, we need to FLOOD the BC government and politicians with letters and phone calls specifically about Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland (ie. the southern coast). Every letter they get represents hundreds of people who feel the same. Be sure to include your home address so they know you are real!

Let the politicians know whether or not you want them to:

- Enact concrete timelines to quickly end old-growth logging on Vancouver Island and the Southwest Mainland where old-growth forests are now scarce.
- Ensure the sustainable logging of second-growth forests, which now constitute most of the landbase on the south coast.
- Ban raw log exports.
- Assist in the development and retooling of sawmills for second-growth logs and value-added wood processing facilities.

Write and Phone:

Pat Bell, Minister of Forests and Range
[email protected]
Phone: 250-387-1023

Premier Gordon Campbell
[email protected]
Phone: 250-387-1715

Both at: Legislative Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

ALSO your own BC Liberal or NDP Member of the Legislative
Assembly (MLA) (ie. your provincial political representative
for your area) who you can find at:


We greatly need funds to expand our ancient forest campaign over the next 6 months. You can do it by:
- Phoning our office at 250-388-9292 to donate via credit
- Mailing a cheque payable to "WCWC" at 651...

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