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The Leather Archives & Museum is thrilled to announce the opening of the brand-new Leather SINS Screening Room Exhibit! This Grand Opening will take place June 20th, at 2:00pm.

Now that the room is open, viewers can wander in at the end of their museum tour, have a seat in one of the four comfortable executive-style chairs and watch all kinds of material from the LA&M Films Collection. The room was designed and built by Jeffrey Storer, who envisioned a "quiet and relaxing space for visitors to get off their feet and enjoy some vintage footage".

The Leather SINS Screening Room will show a range of material:

* vintage porn,
* mainstream S&M movies,
* documentary videos about BDSM institutions such as the Other World Kingdom, Folsom Prison, or "Drummer" magazine,
* contest footage from leather competitions such as Drummer, International Mr. Leather, International Ms. Leather, and various bar contests.

The LA&M hopes to eventually have the funds to put its entire 8mm collection on DVD, for better preservation.

Thanks to Leather SINS Social Club for working on the adoption of this upscale and contemporary screening room. The Leather SINS is a kink friendly social dinner club made up of like minded individuals. They hold two national events each year, Kinky Kollege and SINSations in Leather. The Leather SINS is a coalition partner in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

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