Provides care and comfort for young women facing breast cancer treatment. We assist with practical needs such as housecleaning, groceries and meals.

We are now The Pink Daisy Project. Across the country, young women are fighting for their lives while caring for small children and holding down jobs. These women have more immediate needs that continue to be ignored. All the 3-day walks and yogurt lids won’t help them.
The PDP was founded in September 2007 by Debbie Cantwell, herself a young breast cancer survivor with two small children. After completing her cancer treatment and recovering from breast reconstruction, Debbie was inspired to help other young women with breast cancer as they fought for their lives. As she spent time learning and listening to other women’s stories about their struggles with the disease, she realized that not only were these women fighting for survival, they were trying to raise children, sometimes as single parents, with no real support system, and often while trying to hold down full-time jobs.
The Pink Daisy Project is a national 501(c)(3) organization that provides comfort and practical, everyday assistance to young women (generally under 40) undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation right now.

1. Young women with breast cancer are often diagnosed at a later stage, resulting in a lower chance of survival.

2. These women can't wait for a cure. We take care of their needs TODAY.

3. We help with groceries, meal deliveries, housecleaning and activities to keep kids busy when mom is too sick to play.

4. Helping young women with breast cancer cope, heal and hope.