To help stop the illegal sale of dog meat in the Philippines.

Despite being banned in the Philippines since 1998, the illegal dog meat trade continues to flourish in certain regions, including Baguio City.

Humane Society International has been working with local police and animal groups for over a year to end this cruel trade and enforce the Anti-Rabies Law of 2007. But we need your help!

__What You Can Do__
Please ask the Mayor of Baguio City to stop the illegal dog meat trade for good—by cracking down on restaurants and vendors in his city who sell illegal dog meat.

Click here if you live in the US: https://community.hsus.org/campaign/stop_dog_meat_trade_08a?qp_source=gabhd5

Click here if you live in another country: https://community.hsus.org/campaign/hsi_ph_dog_meat_baguio?source=gahifu

You can also donate via this Cause page. HSI is working with local organizations and authorities to crack down on the dog meat trade, and uses all donations for:
-training to enforce the law banning the dog meat trade,
-immediate care for confiscated animals, and
-a public awareness campaign about the cruel trade.

1. The slaughter of dogs for human consumption is cruel and inhumane.

2. The dog meat trade is illegal!