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Dive for Earth Day 2008

Hundreds of volunteers across the globe put underwater environments on the Earth Day map during Dive for Earth Day the week of 22 April. Project AWARE partnered with more than 300 dive operators to organize activities with one common theme โ€“ protecting our ocean planet and creating awareness.

Thanks to all the dive centers, resorts, organizers and volunteers who dedicated their time to a range of conservation activities including coral reef monitoring, underwater cleanups, fish surveys, AWARE Kids activities and more.

About Dive for Earth Day
Earth Day raises environmental awareness on a global scale. Since the 30th anniversary of Earth Day in 2000, Project AWARE has helped divers put aquatic issues on the Earth Day map. Thousands of diver volunteers in more than 115 countries have helped protect underwater environments and educate local communities for Project AWARE's Dive for Earth Day.

Will You Choose to Make Every Day Earth Day?

Don't wait until Dive for Earth Day next April to get involved. There are simple, low-cost things you can do each day and each time you dive to lower your impact on the environment and become involved. Begin by simply signing your commitment to coral conservation during International Year of the Reef. Take Project AWARE's International Year of the Reef Pledge.

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