Making people aware of what is happening in our "DEMOCRATIC" land. We as south african should stand together in our beliefs, stand up to our government and demand what is rightfully ours.

We are afraid for our lives, we live in constant fear of something bad happening to us or our family. We are sitting ducks, we were left to fend for ourselves a long time ago. Is this the kind of live we want? do we want our children growing up fearing for their lives, only to think leaving South Africa is their only means to survival? We are forsaking our heritage and our land, we must take a stand against imperialism and fight to ensure a future for all South Africans.

1. We should't be afraid of our government.

2. We as one nation should stand together as one nation.

3. We must fight for our rights!

4. There is no voice, cry or scream heard until someone listens