Thank You!

Just wanted to notify everyone that this cause has reached 250 members, and I'd like to personally thank everyone for showing your support! Now, more than ever we need people willing to stand up for their rights! So keep it up and invite more, donate if you…Read More


I read an article that inspired this post. First and foremost, I am a big proponent of the NRA. They are the nation's largest and most heard firearm policy activists. I think everyone should join. They offer great deals and offers, but most of all they offer…Read More

100 Members

We've done it! We've reached 100 members! I'd like to thank everyone who has supported this Cause, and continues too as we head into the future! Great job! Special Thanks to our 100th member Jon Determan, and our 101th member, Dennis Forrester!


I attended a gun show in Richmond today, and joined the NRA while there. I encourage everyone to join the NRA or another reputable gun rights activist group!

Still Growing...

We've reached 50 members! I'd like to thank everyone that has joined, recruited, and believes in this Cause. Keep at it ladies and gentlemen, you make this all possible! On a more serious note, January 20th is quickly approaching, so make sure you're aware…Read More

Join the NRA!

Whether or not you agree with every topic the NRA supports, let's face it. The NRA is the largest group in the United States that's fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights! So on the eve of a new presidency, and probably stricter firearm laws, please, JOIN…Read More


I just want to thank everyone who has joined, invited, and participated in my cause so far. It's starting to take off and I'd like to announce that we have reached 25 members! Let's keep it going ladies and gentlemen, invite all of your friends, and continue…Read More
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