To shatter limitations and elevate aspirations of teens and young adults impacted by cancer and life-threatening blood diseases.

Next Step began in 1998 in cooperation with Paul Newman's The Hole in the Wall Gang and the David B. Perini, Jr. Quality of Life for Young Adult Cancer Survivors at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Our organization held its first cancer survivor retreat in 1999 and in 2002 Next Step became an independent non-profit organization.

Partnering with Children's Hospital, Planet Cancer, NHF, Boston Medical Center, and other important sponsors, Next Step now provides life-changing retreats and workshops across the country for teens and young adults whose lives have been impacted by cancer, sickle cell disease or other life-threatening blood diseases. Our programs have helped thousands of these teens and young adults find hope, build communities, and look beyond the effects of their blood or cancer diseases.

Next Step depends upon the involvement and kindness of many people to realize its most important goals. Your contributions make our work possible.

Next Step is a registered 501(c)3 and all contributions are tax deductable - most importantly, all programs are free of charge for our teens, young adults and their families.


1. Young adults impacted by cancer, sickle-cell and life-threatening disease have few resources available to them.

2. Next Step provides weekend retreats, excursions, workshops, random opportunities for mayhem, and ongoing community for these teens and young adults.

3. Next Step builds awareness worldwide.