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hi everyone-
i want to apologize for being so absent from this very important cause lately. to tell the truth i have been struggling quite badly- especially since my car accident on the 1st of the year. on New Year's day, my fiance and i were in a horrible car accident that completely totalled his toyota 4 runner- we hit the cement median on the highway going 60+ mph and then rolled. we are both VERY lucky to be alive- had we been in any smaller of a car or any less heavy duty of a car then we would be in a lot worse shape than are in right now or even worse, we would be dead. instead he just got a few couple ribs and whip lash and is still in a lot of pain and i got whip lash, lots of bruising, a severe concussion, and ended up in the hospital a little over a week after the accident with severe internal bleeding that could have very easily taken my life had my fiance not taken it upon himself to rush me to the ER when he did. anyway. i'm writing to apologize because i haven't been on here promoting or supporting anything or anyone, and i feel bad. since the accident tho, i have been incredibly depressed/anxious/feeling guilty/and lost and unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours per night (because of the pain and post-concussion syndrome), so i haven't much felt like being on here very much because i didn't feel like i would be much help because i've been struggling so horribly with eating and with my weight. however, i realize now, that i need to reach out and ask for support and help from those who understand what i'm going through with the ED the most. i have my psychiatrist appointment coming up on the 2nd of February and i'm incredibly scared that she's going to send me back into the ED hospital because of my completely altered/faltered mental status and because of my weight loss since i last saw her. anyway. i just wanted to give you all an update and ask for any advice/help/support. and i wanted you all to know that i'm ALWAYS here for you, no matter what. even when i'm down in the dumps and completely depressed/out of it/and in pain, i'm still here to help out anyone who needs it. so feel free to add me as a friend if we're not already friends, or just message me so we can chat if you would like.

i sincerely hope that you are all doing well and staying as happy and healthy as you possibly can and that you are all taking care of yourselves and nourishing both your body and mind.

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