to support, offer encouragement and hope, and to help all those with ED's

Eating Disorders have the highest mental health death rate. Over 20% of Anorexia sufferers will die. On average, it takes 7 years for those suffering from Eating Disorders to recover, and more sufferers than not, sadly, never recover. Eating Disorder specialty hospitals cost so much that only the rich eating disordered sufferers are able to get the intensive, long term, in depth help they need. This group is meant to help raise funds to provide for less expensive hopsitals so that every eating disordered girl or boy can get the help they truley need and deserve. It is also meant as a support group to talk about successes, failures and anything that is on your mind.

1. ED's are a real mental and physical health danger

2. ED's do kill

3. ED's are an addiction, and need to be treated as seriously as drug and alcoholism problems.

4. Teenage girls are not the only ones with ED's. Sufferers can be young, old, male, or female.

5. ED's are not all about attention seeking or vanity. It's so much deeper than that...