YOU Will Determine this Election

Senator Obama may be up in the polls, but even so there is no clear winner in sight. Just last night, the McCain campaign sent out a press release saying that they were "encouraged" that not enough Dems have turned up at the polls to give them a clear…Read More

Three Reasons to Vote Early

Hi All, If I had a charming personality like Letterman (what?) I'd write a list of the Top 10 Reasons to Early Vote. Instead, I'll leave you with 3 (and a half) reasons to vote early: 1. Though voting on the 4th is tradition, there are going to be massive…Read More

Why Vote Early: A Note from Karen Carter, Ohio Civil Rights Lawyer

In case you don't know what the big deal is about voting early, here are some important reasons! 3. If you vote early, you save the campaign valuable time and money, because they no longer have to spend their resources targeting you and making sure that you…Read More

Early Voting

Many of you reading this are from NC and OH. These are two states with early voting. (You can see if your state has early voting, too, by visiting Here's why it's important to early vote: 1. If you (or maybe a friend of yours)…Read More

Illegal Voter Purging in Six Swing States

Hi All, Regardless of your party affiliation, this ought to move you to action. In six swing states, crucial to the results of this presidential election, voters have been illegally purged from voting lists. Please, read this article from the New York…Read More

The Issues Still Matter

Top Ten Things I've Learned Registering Voters: 1. Many people still don't know that you have to register first, before you can vote in the presidential election. 2. Some people think that if they voted for their candidate in the primary they don't have to…Read More

What Do I Do Now

My friend Ben asks a great question: "I joined this group. Now what?" Here are four simple ways to help out: 1. Many people don't know about early voting or when the registration deadline is in their state. Go to for more info. Tell…Read More
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