Your History!!!

We are all born to make history. What kind of history will yours be? What would you want to be remembered for when you are gone.....the number of houses you built, the number of cars you had..... the amount fo wealth you had.......or the number of lives you…Read More

Merry Christmas!!!

May the good Lord bless yo and yours now and always. Merry Christmas.

Golden Rays Social Services; Child & Youth Protection, Marriage Counseling

Become a fan of Golden Rays Social Services; Child & Youth Protection, Marriage Counseling (PAGES ON FACEBOOK). Be relevant!!! Be proactive!!!

Youth & Family Preservation.

Hello people. Please join me in my quest for Youth and Family Preservation. This can be achieved through child protection, youth empowerment and preserving the sanctity of marriage.With your help, we can achieve this. Together, we can make the world a better…Read More


STRANGERS, ORPHANS & WIDOWS (SOW) PROJECT. The Righteous Branch of RCCG will be launching a project tagged "SOW". The project is focused at empowering the less privileged in the society. Date: 9th November 2008. Venue: Auditorium of A.Y. Hotels, off…Read More

Stand Up Against Poverty

The GRFNC is launching its Stand Up Against Povert project on saturday 1st of November 2008 at apartment 16, block 13, Oladele Kadiri Close, Phase 2, Ogba, Lagos at 10a.m. Your attendance and support will be highly appreciated. Please notify me on +2348 023…Read More
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