Create awareness and protect Panama's Golden Frogs from extinction

The rainforests of Panama are home to the few remaining populations of the endangered Panamanian Golden Frog, which has become a cultural symbol in the Republic of Panama. Major threats include fungus, deforestation, habitat loss, agricultural chemicals that poison streams where the frogs live and over-collection for the pet trade.

In September 2005 in Washington, DC, a Summit was convened by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and Conservation International to bring together the world leaders in amphibian conservation through the Amphibian Survival Alliance (ASA), supported by the Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG) to devise a global strategy of actions to arrest amphibian declines and extinctions. The Summit produced an Amphibian Conservation Action Plan (ACAP), published in early 2007.

Please visit:
* http://www.amphibians.org/
* http://www.globalamphibians.org/

Or contact:
Robin Moore
Amphibian Conservation Officer
Conservation International @ 2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500 - Arlington, VA 22202
Email: [email protected]

Golden Frog Links:
* http://www.ranadorada.org/goldenfrog.htm
* http://www.houstonzoo.org/ or
* http://www.houstonzoo.org/en/cms/?2149
* http://www.waza.org/conservation/projects/projects.php?id=93
* http://www.worldheadquarters.com/panama/destinations/valle_del_anton/

1. Golden Frogs can be saved!