Fantastic News for 2009

We have a new Post on the Facebook page: Opposition to the Orphan Works Act 2008 Hopeful news from regarding "registering original artwork". Happy New Year.

New post today from the Illustrators Partnership

FROM THE ILLUSTRATORS' PARTNERSHIP Orphan Works Update: Congress has reconvened today. 11.19.08

New post

Please check out the new post this morning. Thank you for your support against the Orphan Works. Doug Klauba Michael Hudson

The House is going to try to pass the Orpan Works Bill TODAY

News from Today...  FROM THE ILLUSTRATORS' PARTNERSHIP According to our sources THE HOUSE WILL TRY TO PASS THE ORPHAN WORKS BILL TODAY 10.3.08  If this Bill is only meant to help libraries and museums, why did they draft it behind closed doors? Why have the…Read More

The latest news on the Orphan Works Act of 2008...seems it ain't over till its over

 FROM THE ILLUSTRATORS' PARTNERSHIP Orphan Works: Not Dead Till It's Dead    10.1.08   Wired Magazine has posted an article: "'Orphan Works' Copyright Law Dies Quiet Death" Well, we can hope. But…Read More

Great news!

Just got some great news from Doug Klauba. Seems that the Orphan Works Bill has died on the floor of the House of Representatives. Read the link and rejoice. Does this mean our fight is over. No...not by a long shot. This…Read More

Please support our Creators' Rights and oppose the Orphan Works Act of 2008

Take a moment to let your congressman know you oppose the Orphan works bill. it only takes two minutes of your time. Just click on the link that says Take Action
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