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Hi Everyone!

First and foremost, THANK YOU!!!! As of today, the Jennifer Schwartz RSD Foundation has received over 3,000 supporters! Throughout the years, we have received so many letters of support and love, that my family and I are forever thankful for. The mere fact that each of you have pledged your support of this foundation, has not only demonstrated that the goal's of this foundation are being met by promoting awareness of RSD, but it has also allowed us to serve as a forum for others to share their stories, learn of new treatments and information on the disease, as well as share with you national events taking place.

Please continue to help us with our 2014 awareness recruiting campaign! (Strength in numbers!!!). As we continue into February, we hope that the HR1020 bill revision will finally be completed and available for your feedback. We're also working on putting together some amazing awareness events for the Spring. If you're interested in assisting with any aspect of this foundation, please message us! We need all the help that we can get.

Have a wonderful day!

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