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Happy New Year

My family and I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year! We hope that in the coming year, our actions and advocacy, will continue to bring RSD/CRPS to the forefront of the medical community. Many strides continue to be made towards the research and treatment of this painful disease. In the coming weeks, we will be starting a "spring forward" campaign to not only share new information that has been released regarding the treatment of RSD/CRPS, but also to inspire our supporters and friends to become more involved in 2014. We are each others supporters, but we are also each other's advocates, and there is no better way to promote awareness than to have strength in numbers. Please check back in the next few days, for new articles and information that we plan to share on RSD, and until then please continue to promote awareness of this painful disease.

All my best!
Jen Schwartz

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