CRPS - The Painful Truth

Managing & Treating RSD

Here's a great update on treatments and ways to manage RSD/CRPS from the national pain report.

9 Years and Still Fighting

It will be 9 years tomorrow that my life changed when I was hit in a store, and as a result was diagnosed with RSD. And, while my challenge battling this pain disorder doesn't change, I am extremely proud to have become an advocate for those suffering. Our…Read More

Another relapse... But never giving up

Hi Everyone! I apologize for not posting an update since April, but I've been fighting a really bad relapse over the last few months, and ended up hospitalized on and off for week long periods during May and June! I hope to post a longer update next week,…Read More

Pain Pathways Magazine - Spring Edition

Hi Everyone, Pain Pathways Magazine is an excellent publication, created by one of my doctors, Richard Rauck, at the Carolina Pain Institute. The most recent publication features Mariel Hemingway, and also highlights various people's battles with pain such…Read More

Paige's Story of Life with RSD/CRPS

Please check out Paige's story! Her daily battle with RSD/CRPS is chronicled by Channel 4. She's another example of why we should NEVER give up the fight! Thank you Paige for being an inspiration to all of us suffering from…Read More

Achilles 2015 Walk For Hope

Hi Everyone, The 2015 Achilles Walk For Hope is approaching on June 28th. Registration is now open, for walkers and virtual walkers. All proceeds go to the RSDSA! Please click on the link for more…Read More
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