Permanently resolve the political status problem by becoming a state of the USA

Statehood for Puerto Rico!!! This is the only solution that will solve all the corruption of our local government in our precious island.

United States needs to be more involved in our local issues. It has been proven that Puerto Rico's politians do not know how to administer federal and public funds in the island.

The island's economy has been near catastrophe in more than one ocassion during the past 20 years. Puerto Rico is stuck in the 1980's economy. People wake up!!! I have witnessed the massive exodus of puertorricans to the States.

We have to claim what is ours, US citizenship , Statehood for Puerto Rico!!!

The wait is over lets act now!!!

1. IRS would be more involved in day-to-day operations to eliminate government corruption.

2. Increase legal drinking age to 21 years old and get more federal funding for our most needed roads.

3. Fortify the police force to follow USA standards