Greenhouse Ministries exists to serve the underserved through food, adult education, literacy and relationships.

Sometimes people call to ask; "What do you do at GREENHOUSE Ministries?"

The reply; "We are a Faith based, helps organization and our motto is...

"Planting Hope in the 'Boro."

But, if you were to ask the people we help this question, you might get a more specific answer. It could be like the proverbial description the blind men gave of the elephant. Each client coming to the GREENHOUSE, would give a description from their situation and perception.

In an average month you might hear something like this:

80 to 90 families a month would say we helped with food from our food pantry
10 families would say we gave $10 gas vouchers, to get them to work or the doctor
15 to 20 would say we offer computer classes, to improve their job skills
10 to 12 would say we offer GED tutoring
20 to 25 would say we counsel with people
20 to 25 would say we offer literacy tutoring
40 to 50 would say we offer relationship classes
20 to 25 would say we give job referrals
10 to 12 would say we give housing referrals 40 to 50 would say we network and refer to other services in the community
20 to 25 would say we allow people(through volunteer service) to get furniture
15 to 20 would say we assist them in donating furniture and appliances to others
5 to 10 people would say we assist with some kind of advocacy
One family would say we send out teams to help with minor home repairs
Every client would say someone prayed with them

Discouraged people have a need for healty relationships, but may not know how or where to find new circles of friends. God has established GREENHOUSE Ministries to be a non-threatening place where Christian volunteers can make themselves available to draw needy people to God and into Godly relationships.

1. Greenhouse Ministries offers life transformation as volunteers make themselves available to encourage and motivate the clients,

2. to inspire them to dream and make better choices and needed changes in their lives, to promote wholeness, and to give back to others in the community.