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Comments on the wall (Yesterday)

If anyone happened to see the wall yesterday you will of seen 2 comments from a gentleman.
He said he would donate to us but thought we are a scam so chose not to.

Id like to put that comment into context and re-assure you all that absalutly no monies are passing anyones hands - the "beniciary" system is set up for American companies only, and "donate to breast cancer" is not american, therfore not listed.

This is simply a group - and a cause.
At this moment in time there are no donators nor a benificary as there is no monies involved.
If at a later date, Facebook decide to include some English charities i will of corse - add the "donate to breast cancer" charity, as this is where our Dawn raised over a thousand pounds for - and where she had her website set up doing daily blogs of her progress etc..

I wanted to email you all and let you know that that comment of his was unbelievable rude, considering its obvious on the cause that no monies has been raised etc..

I appologise for this message but thought it was necisary!

On other news: Congradulations Alyshia Lane on becoming our Top Recruiter!!! Inviting 44 people to join our cause, well done you!

We are nearly at 10 thousand members - how fast did we grow? It makes me proud i am achieving awareness of breast cancer but sad that so many people are going through what we have and are doing so.

Again, best wishes of a christmas and a happy new year - My heart is with all this year who have any links to breast cancer.

Take care & God Bless


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