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Today is...

Today is the last day of the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
What a month its been for us all.
I have lost 2 people through other cancers this month and mum and dad visited. They saw the video i made for Dawn and fought to keep tears in. Im glad they like it.
(video on group)

I hope there will be more "breast cancer awareness" months as it is needed, everyone constantly needs to know what to look out for etc.. etc.. if and when i hear anything i will let you know.

Thank you for all the recruiting you have done so far; wow 4,936 members as i am writting this; and well done to our top recruiter, Ali.

If you are celebrating halloween, have a good one.

Hope we are all well; and i think we done really well to promote breast cancer awareness this month.

Lots of hugs and love

Admin, Sonia.

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