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Dear all..

Hello - and im delighted to see so many members joining and being invited to join in.

Please contine to post on the wall - aswell as anywhere else as you see fit.

I have now set up a link - which you can also give out to people to see the cause, that can be found here:

As some of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and been as we lost Dawn 14th April i will be lighting a candle in memory of her later this evening as it will be now 6 MONTHS since she left us all.
She died late in the evening, so will light it late for her.

Please continue to share this link; again here it is:

With everyone you know as we need to dramatically change just how many people this is effecting,

Keep up the good work, keep well and stay tuned for further information,

Sonia aka admin of Breast Cancer Awareness.


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