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Help refugees make the journey from harm to home

Every day, all around the world, war and disaster uproots innocent men, women and children and forces them to flee their homes. Leaving everything behind, they hold on to little more than their lives, their hope and their determination.

Last week we marked World Refugee Day (June 20) on Causes by launching a campaign, “Help Refugees Make the Journey from Harm to Home (” The gifts below illustrate a few of the ways your donation can support the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in its critical work helping refugees to survive and rebuild their lives:

    - A contribution of $28 can buy blankets to keep an uprooted family of five warm.
    - Children’s clothing for a newly resettled refugee child in the U.S. can be provided with a $35 donation.
    - A $54 rope and tarp can provide a refugee family with emergency shelter in a crisis zone.

You can find the campaign at ( Thank you for your support.

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