Our mission is to educate students on the basic tenets of citizenship, inspire their pride in America and encourage them to participate in community service.

Our goal at Citizenship Counts is to improve civics education, create a well-informed, responsible citizenry and encourage national and community service. We inspire and empower middle and high school students by engaging them in our unique multi-disciplinary curriculum that includes planning and hosting a community-based naturalization ceremony in their school setting. This provides the students with an opportunity to participate in the democratic process while building a better understanding of the value and responsibilities of citizenship. Our vision is that today’s youth will be more responsible, participatory and socially-just Americans through gaining a greater knowledge and appreciation of the rights and responsibilities they hold - and all Americans hold - as United States citizens.

Student Impact: Through Citizenship Counts, students will become engaged and empowered citizens who understand our system of government and how they can make an impact.

• Parental and Family Impact: Parents are inspired by their child’s enthusiasm for civics and politics. Through their children's participation in Citizenship Counts, parents and other family members will engage in discussions about rights and responsibilities of citizens, their family’s path to citizenship and how to make a difference in their communities.

• New Citizens Impact: By holding naturalization ceremonies in the community and engaging students in the process, new Americans will be welcomed into their communities by the students and they will be more likely to want to give back and become involved on the community level.

• Community/Nation/World Impact: Citizenship Counts helps to break down the walls of intolerance by helping students understand and appreciate our legacy of diverse people, each with unique gifts making valuable contributions to our country's prosperity. We are committed to growing a generation of leaders who understand that America is of the people, by the people and for the people.

1. EDUCATE middle and high school students with our civics curriculum that builds understanding of the value and responsibilities of citizenship.

2. Create a greater awareness so that the students APPRECIATE the benefits of living in a diverse, inclusive and democratic country such as the U.S.

3. Encourage today's youth to CELEBRATE their citizenship and take pride in being an American.