Join us in calling for an end to inhumane, degrading immigrant detention center conditions that have resulted in the death of 87 immigrants while in ICE custody.

Guantanamo in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and immigrant detention centers in the United States seem far apart, but they both subject prisoners to unlawful, inhumane, degrading punishment that denies their due process and violates their human rights.

1. Immigrant detention subjects immigrants to unlawful, inhuman punishment that denies due process and violates human rights.

2. We must learn about alternatives to traditional detention that treat people with dignity and respect as they await their immigration proceedings.

3. We must hold DHS accountable for policies that violate basic human rights.

4. When we deny due process and human rights to some, we put all our freedoms at risk.

5. Ask DHS to create legally enforceable regulations for immigrant detention facilities that will respect American values and human rights.