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Utah Peace House Update

Hi everyone:
We are growing nearer to realizing our dream of the Utah Peace House each day. Here is an update on happenings;

Our vision and purpose can be found at The Utah
Peace House project aims to provide outreach and education on peace and justice issues and space for peace and justice organizations that promote peace and justice to hold meetings and events.

We recently had an offer on our property in West Jordan by the owner of Gardiner Village, just behind our property, to purchase it for above market value . The reason he wanted our property was because UTA was planning to build a parking lot on 5 acres of G. Village (for the TRAX station that is currently under construction) and he was trying to avoid capital gains taxes. We told him we would like to take him up on his offer. While we were waiting to finalize the deal we found two properties in Salt Lake City (where we would ideally like to move) that would have been perfect for our personal home and for the Utah Peace House (each being one acre, close to the Fair Park). Each day brought with it excitement over the possibilities.

We learned last Friday that the deal between UTA and G.Village fell through because UTA decided it wasn't going to construct a parking lot after all (which is actually a good thing) and therefore the owner of G.Village no longer needed to purchase our property.

Disappointed, we immediately turned our sights back to our original plan and are closer than ever now of having a new duplex home built on our currently property by summer's end (2009), leaving the current structure available for our temporary Utah Peace House. We are collecting materials and bids for the construction of two technologies combined for our personal home: high thermal mass and passive solar. We are still excited about the location since it is close to the future TRAX station and in mid-valley where there are limited resources for the peace community.

As many of you know, Tom and I have been working towards taking action on this concept for a few years. I continue with the message that I have shared with many of you consistently over time:

Tom and I are seriously committed to advocacy for peace and justice in our world. We have worked hard over the years to educate our community on issues pertaining to a more peaceful world. We plan to continue our work for the rest of our lives, hoping to instill in others the desire, enthusiasm, living by example and passion for the protection of our planet and all of its life. Many of you know our dedication to peace on earth by virtue of seeing us in action - participating in peace and justice actions in many ways, at home and outside of Utah, working to build relationships, speaking out against injustices, organizing dozens of events for the community over the years, doing endless outreach, attending and supporting events that many of you and your organizations have organized over the years, responding to your calls for assistance with your own respective projects and, when needed, providing personal assistance to many of you in your times of need.

Tom and I were inspired to pursue the Utah Peace House Project by seeing with our own eyes peace houses in action across the United States, in our various activist travels. After seeing the peace house in Crawford, TX when we spent time with Cindy Sheehan at Camp Casey along with fellow peace activists/green party cohorts, we knew that we wanted to build a similar project in Utah. Thus, the birth of the concept of the Utah Peace House Project.

We continue to ask for *your* assistance by helping us spread the word about the Utah Peace House project. If you are interested in helping move this project along, please consider the option of helping us clear our property of outbuildings this spring. If you are interested in learning about the construction of a high thermal mass/passive solar structure, consider volunteering time to help with this. Helping us build our personal home will not only be an educational...

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