Yesterday there was a street corner meeting organised by some poiticians. It was just down the street from my hme so I went to hear what they had to say and raise some points / issues in regards to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages. There were…Read More

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages

Wow. 524 members. Keep on spreading the word. Don't forget to lobby all politicians for changes to move in line with what has been done in other countries such as New Zealand, America and the United Kingdom (Welsh Language). They all have legislation and…Read More

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages

We now have 424 members. That is fantastice. Keep on spreading the word. You have all done a great job in recruiting members. Show your additional support by lobbying politicians (local, State & Federal) to do more to preserve, protect and maintain them…Read More

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages

Congradulations everybody. We now have 296 members supporting this great cause. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word to everyone you know about our precious languages, the cause and what they can do to help. Together, united as one we can…Read More

National Indigenous Language Forum

FATSIL (Feredartion of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Languages) Corporation is hosting a National Indigenous Languages Forum in October 2008. For more information contact the FATSIL Office (03 9602 4700) or visit the website - www.fatsil.org.au

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