Educate people about what is going on in Sderot and to try as much as possible to help.

In school the Israel Awareness and the Tzedakah Commision is raising money to help the people and the city of Sderot. For seven years now Sderot has been being attacked by the Palastinians with Qassam rockets. Many people have died and almost everyone in Sderot are suffering from from trauma and psychiological problems. Its not easy to grow up in a city where you can't go out to play with your friends without knowing that there is a shelter somewhere near just in case there is a "Tzeva Adom" siren indicating that a Qassam rocket is near. When kids come around collecting money for Sderot please do not hesitate to give. Thank You.


1. Young Zionistic Jews must learn about what is going on in Israel, and not by watching the news.

2. Flatbush students and other Jewish and HUMANE students must try to help even if it is a little bit.

3. Helping does not just mean donate money, you could also say Tehilim every day for the safety of Sderot, Israel and the Jewish people.