Elect Paul Venable in 2010

Chairman of the Constitution Party of Idaho, Paul Venable is running for truth and freedom to try to bring Idaho back to it's Flavor of Freedom. Many Idahoans have come here looking for the Liberty they felt they were loosing in other States, but our State is slipping toward Socialism nearly as fast as the others and we must stop the decline.

Paul Venable studied the precepts of the Constitution and the decline in the US for nearly 20 years before becoming involved in politics in 2004. Since that time he has been actively involved in the process fighting for Liberty. He has been an avid supporter of Ron Paul. But has been a part of the Constitution Parties of Utah and Idaho, serving on the State Executive Committee of Utah and the National Platform Committee before coming to Idaho where he has become the State Chairman.

1. Empower Your Family

2. Limit Government

3. Protect Your Property

4. Pro-Life

5. Pro-Second Amendment