The bailout has passed.

Friends, Thank you for your efforts as you've worked contacting others and contacting your representatives asking them to stop the passage of this terrible legislation. It was amazing that we were able to get a no vote on Monday. Unfortunately the pressure…Read More

Stop the bailout round three is coming.

Friends, The pressure is mounting. Chances of defeat of this bill have been very slim. However we were successful with round one. Unfortunately the senate decided to attach the bailout measure to another bill in the senate. (Bills are supposed to originate…Read More

Your Senators are voting on the bailout Wednesday at 7:30 PM

Please remember to contact your senator via email, phone, fax, or even all three. Let them know you oppose, and want them to oppose the bailout legislation. This legislation throws our money to a guilty party, Secretary Paulson (former head of Godman Sachs)…Read More

Congratulations! NO Bailout!

Everyone, congratulations on this first victory in our efforts to stop a wasteful bailout. Things are going to get rough in our economy, but not as rough in the long term as they would get under the bailout. This isn't over yet however. This will likely be…Read More

What action to take.

Read this proposed bailout bill. ( It is very short. And read my analysis. I've posted here.…Read More
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