support the full public financing of campaigns

Clean Money Clean Elections (aka Voter-Owned Elections or Fair Elections) is a national movement that is organizing to get big money out of politics so our voices can be put back in. Right now, our democracy is controlled by wealthy donors, corporations and big money special interests who, through their campaign contributions, determine who can run for public office, who can win, and what laws are passed.

The Clean Money Clean Elections movement has helped implement a voluntary system of full public financing of campaigns in Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, and North Carolina. Candidates qualify for full public financing by gathering a large number of small $5 donations to prove their viability. Once they receive full public financing they are no longer allowed to spend or raise any private money. These "clean candidates" are then free from the burden of having to to dial for dollars during their campaigns and accepting money from wealthy donors and interests that expect legislative favors.

This movement is fundamentally changing the way our democracy works by leveling the playing field for candidates and voters. Money should no longer determine who gets access and who gets elected. Clean Money Clean Elections is bringing democracy back to the people, the way its supposed to be.

1. support the federal Fair Elections Now Act

2. support state level efforts to implement clean elections