Democracy Matters is Coming!

Democracy Matters could be coming to your campus! The solution to most of the problems we face in this country lie in the creation of a stronger democracy, voter-owned campaigns, and the power of a...

Common Cause Get Out the Vote Ad

Powerful ad put together by California Common Cause encouraging people to fight for a democracy that is about voters not big campaign donors

Protect Your Vote

Nothing should stop a registered voter from casting a ballot. Learn about how, why, and when to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, the election protection hot line - Getting a Grip Episode 1 - Getting a Grip on Money and Politics, Part I video

This is an excellent short film that really gets at the essence, beauty and power of the clean elections system; a way to bring our democracy back to the people!

AlterNet: Consumer-Driven Culture Is Killing Our Democracy

Here's a quick quiz. Do you love bargains? Do you enjoy the power and convenience of shopping online for the best deals on electronics or travel or anything else? Do you favor cutthroat corporate...

Protect Your Vote Video

Hello, Please forward along the short video below to all your friends! It highlights student concerns in this election and promotes the 1-866-OUR-VOTE election protection hot line. I hope you like it! -peace-

Chris Chan matches Scot in manliness

Much love to Chris Chan (the engineering brains behind this whole site!) for making another donation and bringing Democracy Matters that much closer to employing another idealistic college student to help strengthen our democracy. We don't need to be…Read More
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