Hello all, We should spread the word as much as we can about domestic violence, so I highly encourage everyone to recruit others, donate, etc. Knowledge spread and money donated can go a long way, no matter how trivial it might seem. True, sometimes it's…Read More

It would be greatly appreciated...

...if people would post ideas and thoughts relevant to this cause. I know we all have multiple causes that we support (myself being one of those people), however, there are other ways to go about pushing one's cause. Also, share your stories and whatnot!…Read More


I'd like to propose a challenge. In order to spread the word further, I want someone to beat me in number of recruits. Several of you are very close! The prize shall be knowing you have greatly beneifited a cause such as this. I would think that is a very…Read More


Since the cause description can only hold so much, I thought I'd post some links that might be useful. (National Domestic Violence Hotline) (This is an article about making…Read More
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