To provide hope and inspiration to cancer survivors by awarding college scholarships.

Cancer for College is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1993 by two-time cancer survivor and amputee, Craig Pollard. Craig won his second battle with cancer at age 19 and experienced firsthand the toll that cancer takes on a young person. He vowed to make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors and after graduating from University of Southern California, he started Cancer for College.
Cancer treatments and medications are often not covered by insurance and can wipe out a family's savings in no time. Through Cancer for College, Craig has helped cancer survivors from all over the country achieve their dream of a college education.
The charity accepts applications from cancer survivors who are enrolled in an accredited four-year university or junior college from all over the United States. The preliminary application may be submitted at www.cancerforcollege.org.

1. Cancer impacts a family emotionally, physically and financially. Saving for college tends to take a back seat to getting healthy.

2. Many cancer treatment and medications are not covered by insurance. Families often drain their savings and retirement plans to cover these costs.

3. Cancer for College helps make the dream of a college education a reality for cancer survivors in need of financial assistance.