eradicate Elder Abuse

All countries need to eradicate Elder Abuse, this can be accomplised through advocacy, education and support. People need to work for change at government leves. Speak out for those who cannot (the Elderly), People need to monitor and review government initiatives and their effectivenss. People need to expect accountability from our governments, administratros of facilities and all those giving care to our elderly. We need to increase awareness that Elder Abuse does exist. Families and victims need to be encourages to speak out and not to be afraid or ashamed. Who abuses? Anyone could...family member, caregivers,anyone with access to vulnerable seniors, anyone who misuses their position of power, trust or friendship. Most abusers are know to their victims. Where can it happen? Anywhere: in private homes, retirement homes, nursing homes ( long term care facilities), hospitals. It is happening Now! The time to act is now ! What can you do if you suspect abuse of an elderly person.
Also visit www.voicesagainstelderabuse.com and sign the two petitions, one federal and one is prov.

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See it, Hear it, Voice it !!! We need to change the future for our Elderly.

1. Education

2. Advocacy

3. Support

4. Please visit www.voicesagainstelderabuse.com and sign the two petitions