24 Hour iGive Fundraiser - Please Read

Since December, our special challenges have meant tens of thousands of dollars for the organizations listed at iGive, groups just like COTA for Savannah A.. These challenges are our response to the tough economic times. We're tremendously pleased that they're…Read More

COTA for Savannah A. is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, This would be awesome ... we would not have to do any other fundraisers ever if we won this contest!!!! Please help us out and take a minute to do this....Thank you!!! Ana Anselmo - Proud Mami of Savannah www.CotaForSavannahA.com Our cause…Read More

Recycle for Savvy's COTA fund

The Recycle for Life Program is an easy way to help Savannah's COTA fund. COTA recently made some changes to our Recycle for Life program. * We will now be using UPS for shipping. Please email [email protected] to request new UPS shipping labels. * Shipping…Read More

3rd Annual Swim for Savvy Swim-a-thon being held Aug. 8-9 in Maryland!

The 3rd Annual Swim for Savvy Swim-a-thon 24 hour event will be held Saturday, August 8th and Sunday, August 9th at Connecticut Belair Swim Club, at the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Veirs Mill Road in Silver Spring, Maryland. If you want to help please…Read More

Savannah was featured on the One Brave Chick site this month.

Pampered Chef Fundraiser for COTA for Savannah A.

My sister, Carolina, is hosting a Pampered Chef Catalog Show! Proceeds from this Catalog Show will be donated to COTA for Savannah A. Join in the fun - from the comfort of your own home! It's easy. Just visit my Consultant's Web site to browse the Pampered…Read More

Recycle Used Cell Phone and Used Ink Cartridges and help COTA for Savannah A

Ways You Can Help Go Green ... Recycle for Life What can "Going Green" and its practice mean for a COTA patient's transplant journey? Here's a literal idea -- a recycling effort adding up to another definition of ‘green' ... green dollar bills. Many…Read More
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