Equitas has a goal to build 50 clean water wells in Malawi.

Can you imagine a life without clean water? Unfortunately, many of the people in Malawi do not know what it's like to have this valuable resource at their disposal. 4 million people in Malawi do not have access to water. During dry seasons (May-September) rivers dry up, increasing the formidable burden of fetching water, which can consume four hours a day or more. Poor sanitation increases the potential for deadly water-borne diseases.

When given access to clean water, a village benefits in several ways:

- Water-borne diseases diminish
- Women can spend more time at home with their families
- Children can attend school, since they no longer spend large portions of their days fetching water

When people have access to clean water, lives are transformed and quality of life is dramatically improved. Please help us achieve our goal of 50 wells. You can visit http://www.equitas.cc/projects.aspx for more information. Also, be sure sure to watch our video and become a fan of Equitas at http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Equitas-Inc/14222343196.

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1. Only 32% of the rural population of Malawi have access to water within less than a mile's walk.

2. Nearly 4 million people do not have access to water - that's almost one-third of the entire population of Malawi.

3. Women and children have been known to walk as far as five miles to get water.