Back to DEFEAT Proposition 8


Our worst nightmares are coming true.

Today we learned of the massive $25.4 million our opponents have raised so far. They are using this war chest to broadcast lies: 24/7 and up and down the state of California.

And the polls show the lies are working. We need your donation now.

Yesterday’s CBS 51 poll shows that:

“…likely California voters overall now favor passage of Proposition 8 by a five-point margin, 47 percent to 42 percent. Ironically, a CBS 5 poll eleven days prior found a five-point margin in favor of the measure's opponents.”

People change their minds about Proposition 8 when they hear the lie that churches will lose their tax-free status if they won’t marry same-sex couples – EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT TRUE!

So this is crunch time. With less than a month before the election, we must get on the air now to answer these lies and swing votes back to our side.

And the ONLY way to do that it to raise more money. The generous $15.8 million that our supporters have given isn’t enough. Not when the other side has nearly $10 million more than we do and the fundraising gap is growing.

So, how much will you sacrifice to protect your equality or the equality of people you love? It’s that simple. Will you give up something, anything, to ensure equality?

I am. I’m donating 15% of my income to make sure that the No on Prop 8 campaign can answer these lies. It’s going to make my life more difficult to make a donation of this size — but I know I have to make this sacrifice to achieve victory on November 4.

What are you willing to give up today so we can protect our community from this pack of televised lies: A night out? A vacation you had planned? A home improvement project?

I ask you to do what you can. Donate to defeat Prop 8. Work the phone banks. And urge everyone you know to vote NO on Prop 8.

Because if we are not willing to sacrifice, we will not win.

In solidarity,

Geoff Kors
Executive Director
Equality California

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